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Founding of Zweckverband Abfallbehandlung Nuthe-Spree (ZAB)

In 2002, S├╝dbrandenburgische Abfallzweckverband (SBAZV) and the administrative district Landkreis Oder-Spree (LOS) founded Zweckverband Abfallbehandlung Nuthe-Spree (ZAB).

In terms of sustainable waste management early on ZAB promoted the necessary planning, to be able to launch an innovative and economically viable waste treatment plant according to the schedule of the new Ordinance.

Milestones of the construction of the mechanical-biological stabilization system (MBS)

17.05.2004 Start of construction

22.06.2004 Grundsteinlegung

01.03.2005 Bankruptcy of the general contractor
20.09.2005 Signature of contract with Herhof GmbH
21.09.2005 Signature of contract with WasteTec GmbH

10.07.2006 Hot commissioning

13.10.2006 Formal Opening

Pictures of the construction of the facilities