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The Mechanical-Biological Stabilization Plant of the ZAB


01.01.2023 - New waste treatment fee statutes and new salary regulation in the version of 01 January 2023

The mechanical-biological stabilization system (MBS) plant of Zweckverband Abfallbehandlung Nuthe-Spree (Joint Waste Management Authority Nuthe-Spree - ZAB).

In 2002 the Zweckverband Abfallbehandlung Nuthe-Spree ZAB was founded by the Südbrandenburgischer Abfallzweckverband SBAZV (administrative district Teltow-Fläming, part of the administrative district Dahme-Spreewald) and the administrative district Oder-Spree.

The process implemented by the ZAB for the treatment of residual waste in the Mechanical-Biological Stabilisation Plant (MBS) provides a forward-looking solution to the question of landfilling. It guarantees a stabilisation of disposal costs and conserves increasingly scarce natural resources. The environment is sustainably relieved.

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Successful beyond expectations

Since its commissioning in 2006, the plant has treated 1.6 million tonnes of waste up to the end of June 2019.

During this period, we have been able to produce as much as 960,000 tonnes of substitute fuel from this huge volume of waste, with an extremely high level of environmental relief compared with other plants.

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Interior view of the plant

„You can say it was a difficult birth, but the child has developed magnificently.“

Mario Kirsch, Head of Association ZAB